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Sump Pump Cary

Keeping Basements Dry With Sump Pumps

A sump pump helps remove water that usually collects in the basement (sump basin), in turn helping keep it dry. They are usually used when your basement floods frequently or is damp.

Sump pumps usually direct water to say a dry well or a municipal storm drain where it bothers no one.

During rains flooding is a normal occurrence and this problem is taken care of by sump pumps. They are installed in sump pits and the pump’s main job is to divert water away from the pit.

Moist basements encourage the growth of mold and mildew which can prove to be a health hazard. Installing and then forgetting about it also affects the longevity of the sump pump.

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Types of Sump Pumps and how they work

There are basically two types of sump pumps. One is the pedestal sump pump where the motor is fixed more conspicuously above the sump. The position of the motor makes it easier to service. As is apparent, a submersible pump’s motor is fixed on the inside which is sealed in tight preventing short circuits.

Which type of pump installation is more beneficial is debatable since pedestal pumps last about 25- 30 years if serviced regularly and have proven to be cost effective. Submersible pumps on the other hand ideally last between 5-15 years and are a bit more expensive but they can take up fragments or debris without getting clogged which is a big plus.

Bizzy Bee and Sump Pumps

Bizzy Bee Plumbing, Inc. based in Cary, NC is an insured and licensed plumbing company which is ranked number one. Sump pump installation, repair and servicing is one of the many services that they offer in addition to tankless water heater installation, drain repair and installation, hydro jetting, sewer cleaning and tent repairs.